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Privacy Policy

As part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Woodland Tails must legally inform you of the information we keep about you and your pet, how it is used and stored, and receive permission to store and use certain information.

Information we gather

• All of the confidential information you supplied, including your name, address, telephone numbers, your Pet’s medical details, the veterinary practice where you are registered.

• Details about your pet, its name, breed, DOB, gender, and colour.

• Details of the grooming and styling of your pet, e.g. what length blade or comb attachment we use, length of coat left, and style carried out on your dog.

• Any dislikes your pet may have, e.g. feet touched.

• Any lumps/warts found during the health assessment are recorded on the record card for future grooms.

How we use your information

• To respond to enquiries made by yourself

• For record keeping purpose

• To deal with queries and complaints

• To contact you in connection with your appointment, cancellations or rescheduling

How we store your information.

These record cards are on paper base and stored in Surname alphabetical order in a cupboard that’s locked and secure after office hours.

We also store your information on a password-protected computer covered by Anti-Spy and Anti-Malware software and only accessible by Vikki Rogers.

I will destroy non-returning customer cards and information after one year from your last appointment.

Our website

You can browse and visit our website without providing your name and contact details. Like many websites, our server logs capture details of your operating system and browser software, IP address, URL, including the date and time of your visit. We use cookies to analyse how visitors use our site. If you do not want the cookies to be saved to your system, you may change your browser settings.

Woodland Tails DOES NOT share any customer data or information with any third parties for marketing purposes.

Enquiries and contact details

Should you have any queries about personal data we hold please get in touch with Woodland Tails.

Our email address: [email protected]